Partner dancing

Monday, December 9, 2019 11:43 AM

Partner Dancing

I’m going to keep it simple. Imagine two people dancing together to music and having a good time. They move as one person, one leading and the other following creating an awesome experience. They could be in a social setting, such as dance studio, or club, or holiday gathering or a wedding or even a competition.

It is truly a unique form of communication and sharing. When you dance with someone you have a special kind of connection. You are using body movement and music combined. It is an artistic and athletic activity. 

The reasons to partner dance are varied. People might want to try dancing because they saw it someplace and they are inspired. Your Mom and Dad might have danced together and it is something you would like to do. My first time taking lessons in a studio, someone invited me to go with them because they didn’t want to go alone.

There're many reasons for becoming involved in dancing with a partner. Physical health, recreation, fitness, brain health. If you want to make your brain work better and stay sharp? Partner dance.

I have enjoyed partner dancing for years. My mom taught me a basic swing when I was 7 years old. Partner dancing includes many styles of dancing.

The dances you could learn are into several categories and styles. There are many styles of swing. There are many varieties of Tango. Salsa and its variations. Hustle is still with us. Country western has all its variations to dance to.

 You could stay on the dance floor and never stop finding another style of partner dance to try. Confusing? That is where a dance instructor comes in. They can explain the many different dances to you. People come into the studio because they seek a professional to help learn to dance.

Will it take some time? Of course, it will, but it’s about the journey and not the destination. You will meet people and create great friendships. It might change your life? I know it changed mine.

Thanks for reading my post.

Sincerely Ron Shepard

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