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Tango de Salon

The term "tango de salon" refers to a variety of social dance styles, including Villa Urquizamilonguero and club-style tangos that are danced socially in salons rather than for exhibition (like fantasia or tango escenario) or in improper venues (like orillero).  

Traditional tango de salon requires that dancers exercise respect for the line of dance, but the embraces and characteristic movements can vary considerably across individual styles.

Outside Argentina, what is sometimes called "salon-style" tango may refer to the Villa Urquizatango fantasiatango escenario or a blend of these styles.  The blended style can have a looser embrace with a more pronounced V than the Villa Urquiza style.  The greater distance between the partners allows the woman to execute her turns more freely and pivot without requiring much independent movement between her hips and torso.  The looser embrace accommodates showy movements and may lead to a blending of styles that many observers would consider only suitable for exhibitions. 

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